Hand Speed Drills and Exercises.






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Hand Speed Drills and Exercises

Good for training your boxing skillset

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Nomather style shadow boxing will increae your hand speed and technique

Speed kills, everybody knows this. Many great fighters have it: Muhammad Ali, Thomas Hearns, Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Roy Jones, Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, I could go on forever.

1. Being able to and a punch before your opponent is probably among the biggest advantages in boxing. A split second difference can make all the difference between raising your hands in victory and picking yourself off the canvas. Even if you weren’t born with speed, you still need it. Even if it’s not part of your style, you still have to improve it. And so I beg you to incorporate these important drills to your regular routines because everyone knows: SPEED KILLS!

2. Speed – I know the goal is speed but don’t rush through these drills. The most important factor to attaining maximum speed is relaxation. Relaxing is first a state of mind which then becomes a physical reality. Keep your mind clear and don’t get too focused into one thing. Relax! Relax! Relax! Instead of supplementing the speed with strength and accuracy, focus on balance and coordination.Too many beginners try to put speed and power together at first but that only slows them down and causes them to load their punches.

3. Dont load your punches – or try to focus on hitting a target. Instead, let your arms go, just try to keep your balance under you and your body moving together in coordination with that handspeed.

4. Cardiovascular strength for Muay Thai – Almost nothing can test your cardio like a hard set of wind sprints. (If you don’t’ know what they are, click here) It can push your anaerobic capacity to its edge and help you discover that ‘second’ wind inside when you think you got nothing left, champ. Sprints and wind sprints are quick and easy and if you’re short on time, you can get an equivalent of an hour work out in a short 15 minutes. This sort of work out is known to naturally boost testosterone and growth hormone as well, giving those who do it that extra edge over the competition.

Shadowboxing is not only for Boxers, it’s for everyone who want better coordination with hands and leg.

Shadowboxing Drills:
Start moving around and relax your whole body. Don’t worry so much about putting your hands all the way up. Use proper form but not to the point where you become stiff and tired in the shoulders. You want your whole body to be loose and relaxed when you shadowbox for speed!

1 = left jab
2 = straight right / right cross
3 = left hook
4 = right hook / overhand right
5 = left uppercut
6 = right uppercut
*reverse these if you are southpaw (left-handed)


SOURCE: Expertboxing.com

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2 box
3 box
4 box







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