Muay Thai/K-1 HIIT in The Miix

What is Muay Thai / K-1 HIIT in The Miix:

This is class is for those who want more athletic-cardio HIIT training mixed with Kickboxing and Muay Thai Exercises (HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training). You will gain results fast, but its intensity is highter than traditional Muay Thai Workout.

Who can train MTK HIIT IN THE MiiX ?

There is no level or class it’s for everyone, boy, girl, weak, tough, thiss class will challenge you – everyone can participate.

What are the hours:

Tuesday from 17:40 – 18:40 – All you need is 60 min, and you will 100% feel the gain of more energy.
Do i need special Equipment:

No, just take on your normal fitness clothing and you are all set – Some members buy their own boxing gloves. But to start with you need nothing.


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Do you Guarantee results:

No, we do don’t or cant guarantee that you will have six pack within 6 weeks. But we can promise you that if you follow our classes often, you will have tools to achieve your goals easier.

Does MTK HIIT IN THE MIIX have combat/sparring – ? Does somebody beat me ?

No, this class is only for those who want the trainings without hard sparring or bruices.

Muay Thai/K-1 HIIT in The Miix is the first and only concept in Horsens, that challenges you in a whole new level with the perfect combination of two worlds – > HIIT WORKOUT, CrossFit, Fitness, overall stamina training with Muay Thai!


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